Thursday, August 6, 2009


And here is a pithy quote from Newman for today, from the web site of his Cause.

It is then the duty and the privilege of all disciples of our glorified Saviour, to be exalted and transfigured with Him; to live in heaven in their thoughts, motives, aims, desires, likings, prayers, praises, intercessions, even while they are in the flesh; to look like other men, to be busy like other men, to be passed over in the crowd of men, or even to be scorned or oppressed, as other men may be, but the while to have a secret channel of communication with the Most High, a gift the world knows not of; to have their life hid with Christ in God.

From the sermon ‘Rising with Christ’ (Click HERE for the full text)

Reference: John Henry Newman, Parochial and Plain Sermons Vol 6 (1842) Sermon no. 15, p. 214


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