Saturday, August 15, 2009


The Assumption, by Rubens

Who is she that ascends so high,
Next the heavenly king,
Round about whom angels fly,
And her praises sing?

Who is she that adorned with light,
Makes the sun her robe;
At whose feet the queen of night,
Lays her changing globe?

To that crown direct thine eye,
Which her head attires;
Them thou mayst her name descry,
Writ in starry fires.

This is she in whose pure womb,
Heav'n's prince remained;
Therefore in no earthly tomb
Can she be contained.

Heaven she was which held that fire,
Whence the world took light:
And to heav'n doth now aspire
Flames with flames to unite.

She that did so clemly shine
When our day begun.

John Beaumont (1582 - 1627)


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