Thursday, November 28, 2013

Top Ten Plainsong - Gregorian Chant Sites

There is a modest revival of plainsong/ gregorian chant today in many Roman Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran circles. Furthermore, the popularity of a handful of monastic CDs in the secular market proves that such music has not lost its power to inspire prayer and meditation. There are quite a few resources out there in cyberspace for those interested in learning about this music. The ones listed below contain downloadable files for a wide range of occasions.

This has traditional English propers for the Eucharist throughout the Church Year 

Includes audio files, Psalm tones, offices and hymns and publications

One of the most useful sites for Anglicans

From the Liturgy Office of the Roman Catholic Church in England & Wales 

The entire collection

This can be downloaded in its entirety

An interesting downloads page

Chant downloads for the Church of England (both BCP and CW)

A valuable arrangement of chants with links to the work of a range of modern scholars

Samples of this book which can be purchased online


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