Tuesday, November 5, 2013

More - following Sunday's post . . . Who represents the OTHER women of the Church?

On Sunday I pointed to the fact that many women in the Church object to women bishops, and asked, "Who represents THEM at meetings of the House of Bishops?"

Here is a Letter to the Editor in this month's New Directions on the same theme.

From Mrs Ann Corbett
I am shocked and appalled that whilst the House of
Bishops is willing to allow senior women clergy to join their
number they are not willing to allow the voice or ordinary
lay women to be heard. If it is no longer a House simply for
bishops then surely our voices should be heard?
Lay women and indeed many permanent women deacons
hold to the traditional teaching of the church. Women hold
positions of authority as churchwardens and lay leaders
in our church as well as in religious communities and as
deacons. The House of Bishops and the senior women
clergy have shown a remarkable clericalism in this decision.
It seems to be a case of women are welcome but only if we
like what you say!
Ann Corbett



Alice C. Linsley said...

Ann Corbett is another truth-speaker. God bless her!

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