Saturday, July 20, 2013

What we do on Sunday Morning

The beginning of High Mass 
at All Saints' Wickham Terrace, Brisbane (1996)

OK . . . After the last two "marathon posts" here is a short one:

For you and for me the Eucharist is our weekly renewal of faith when we gather with the whole Company of Heaven to praise and worship the Lord. 

As a community we open our minds and hearts to hear what he is saying to us through the Bible, his Word.

As a royal, priestly people, we become part of the eternal self-offering of Jesus to the Father in the power of the Holy Spirit, not just for ourselves, but for all who are connected to the Altar by our presence there. 

And the risen life of Jesus surges through us in every Holy Communion, enabling us as the Church - his Body - to embrace a wounded, crushed and broken world with his healing love. 

So, you see, while “making our Communion” is an intensely personal miracle of love and a great blessing for us individually, it - and the Liturgy in which it occurs - is mostly about our being together the Community of Salvation.

- From a recent sermon


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