Friday, July 12, 2013

Links to Church Suppliers, Purveyors of Liturgical Arts, and Clergy Outfitters

For those who are interested in such things - and especially for those who need to find bargains! - I have created a post from my website links to church supply outlets and purveyors of liturgical arts. They cater for all tastes, traditions and budgets.

A-M Church Supplies Ireland
Alba Vestments Poland
Altar Cards, Latin & English
Aquinas Church Supplies USA
Ars Sacra Poland
Arte Sacra Italy
ASGA Poland
B&H Clerical Shirts and Collars UK
Barbiconi Italy
Bede Studio for Church Vestments and Clergywear UK
Boliviamall Vestments & Ch Supplies Bolivia
Canterbury Church Shop UK
Catholic Liturgicals India
Catholic Supply Online USA
Cenacle Books etc UK
Charles Farris - Church Supplies UK
Christian Supplies Brisbane Australia
Church Products USA
Church Stores Australia
Church Supplies Brooklyn, NY USA
Church Supplies UK
Church Supply Warehouse USA
Clergy Shirts UK
Clerical Shirts UK
Clive Adie Church Supplies UK
CM Almy – Church Supplies USA
Cotters USA
Dewocjonalia Vestments Poland
Dumont Church Supplies UK
F.lli Mollica Italy
Fischer Poland
Gardiner Hall USA
Gaspard USA
Gerkens Religious Supplies USA
Granda Liturgical Arts USA
Gregorian Gifts UK
Hays & Finch UK
Henninger's USA
Hurtownia Misericordia Poland
Hurtownia Sanderus Poland
Illuminated Books - Borders and Letters Clip Art
Istok Church Supplies USA
J & M Sewing Service Ltd UK
Kaufer's Religious Supply USA
Korbik Poland
Krismarg P;oand
Las Fabricas de Lyon Mexico
Lettering USA
Liturgical Artwork Daniel Mitsui USA
Liturgical Centre - PDDM Sydney
Luzar Vestments & Metalware USA
Mahew Church Supplies UK
Mary Ciollings vestments UK
Mary Regina Vestments USA
MDS Intercontinental USA
Needzo Religious Gifts
North East Church Supplies UK
Orthodox Arts Journal USA
Orthodox Church Supplies USA
Pax House Mexico
Prata Vestments (Poland)
Producer of Vestments (Poland)
Rathborne's Ireland
Reliant Clergy Shirts UK
Religious Church Supplies India
Renzetti-Magnarelli USA
Sacco Company USA
Sacra Famiglia, Hungary
San Michele Arcangelo - Italy
Segatel Italy
Sheehan's of Boston USA
Soprani Italy
Southern Cross Ch Supplies Australia
St Jude Studio USA
ST PAULS Philippines
St. Andrew's Church Supply USA
Susan Maria Australia
Swiece Vestments Poland
Tally's Church Supplies USA
The Vestry Church Supply Store Bahamas
Tonini Church Supply USA
Traditional Roman Vestments Italy
Ubiory liturgiczne Poland
Vanpoulles UK
Vermont Church Supply USA
Vitrearum's Church Art UK
Watra Church Goods USA
Watts & Co UK
Wippell & Co UK
Wood River Gallery USA
Ziegler's Church Supplies USA
Zygzak Liturgical Vestments Poland


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