Thursday, July 5, 2012

Precious words from Brother Roger of Taizé on Contemplation

We all keep little mementos of different periods of our lives. One of mine, that I've hung onto for 35 years, is part of a pew sheet (dated 9th October, 1977) containing the following quote from Brother Roger of Taizé: 

"Contemplation is nothing more than one’s whole person being seized by the reality of God’s love. When we understand a truth of the natural order with our minds, we can be seized by it, but only partially. On the contrary, in contemplation it is in the depths of our being that we are seized by unique reality, the reality of the love of God which fills even the emptiness which each man knows deep within himself. Here, it is love that is the touchstone. Discovering a face to face meeting with God – contemplating him too in the face of man – and giving back a human face to the man who is disfigured. And this is one and the same struggle – that of love. To the point that nothing is grave except the loss of love.”


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