Sunday, July 22, 2012

Now, THIS will inspire you . . .

I am so glad to have heard Father Philip North at Walsingham a few years ago. Sometimes it seems as if there are no more Anglo-Catholic evangelists. I mean "fair-dinkum" ones, as we say in Australia. Well, listening to Father North preach for the pilgrims dispelled that myth! He is now Team Rector of the Parish of Old St Pancras in north London, and in a short time under his leadership there has been a new response to the proclamation of the Gospel, and considerable church growth

The following article in this month's New Directions (the Forward in Faith magazine) is more or less "Vintage Father North" - a sermon he preached at the Pentecost Vigil Mass in St Michael's Camden Town (in the parish of Old St Pancras), organised by the group Fidelium

Go HERE and then to page 6 of New Directions to read the rest of what Fr North said.


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