Sunday, February 26, 2012

Richard Dawkins and Archbishop Rowan Williams

It was a good discussion . . . a REALLY good one and a half hour discussion on the nature and ultimate origins of human beings at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford, last Wednesday afternoon. Professor Richard Dawkins and Archbishop Rowan Williams engaged with each other and with moderator Sir Anthony Kenny respectfully and with gentle humour on matters such as genetic pre-determination, the nature of consciousness and whether or not the notion of God "clutters up" one's world view. While it was more a discussion than a debate, some very valuable points were made. 

It was the Archbishop of Canterbury at his best, and, for that matter, possibly Dawkins at his best, too. 

In reporting the event, Reuters quoted Andrew Wilkinson, a theology graduate, as saying: "It was a points victory for Rowan Williams, but not a knock-out round." Reuters also quoted a Judy Perkins: "Williams was better at engaging with the science than Dawkins was at engaging with the philosophy." 

Watch the video for yourself.


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