Friday, May 29, 2009


Every time I talk about music someone takes offence . . . because I have a genuine love for many different kinds of music. (By the way, have you clicked on the YouTube organ improvisation in the sidebar? It's brilliant!) The fact is that whenever a new book of modern hymns and worship songs comes out I pour over it in the shop, usually in vain, looking for songs we can use in worship.

I'm not being a musical snob. Truly! The problem for me (mostly) is with the words - in that so much of the stuff being written is more about us than about the Lord. It's about how he makes us feel, rather than who he is or what he has done. Now, I hear you say, some of the old hymns are really subjective, too. And I reply, yes, I know . . . indeed, so are some of the Psalms. But it's all a matter of proportion. Praise is praise. Worship is worship. It's about the Lord, not about me. That's why this hymn is in a class of its own. It's all about Jesus. Furthermore, its theology is good as well, not forgetting (as is often done by songs of this genre) sin and atonement . . . and it is deeply moving, easily calling forth the response of the last verse!


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