Saturday, May 16, 2009


Because most Australian Anglicans will only get the official spin on the recent meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) meeting in Jamaica, I've provided these further links for those who are interested in what really happened.

Robert Tong, a layman and lawyer from the Diocese of Sydney was for some time a member of the ACC; he was also on the Archbishop of Canterbury's Panel of Reference. His comments cannot be dismissed easily. Neither can his point about the "Joint Standing Committee" being, in actual fact, unconstitutional! Go HERE to read his article, A GRUBBY LITTLE INCIDENT, which includes this paragraph:

"People might wonder where were the Australian delegates in all of this? Our ACC representatives are Robert Fordham (Melbourne Diocese), the Archdeacon Sarah McNeill (Canberra/Goulburn), and Bishop Curnow (Bendigo). In addition Archbishop Aspinall and Mr Fordham are members of the Joint Standing Committee. Did Aspinall and Fordham vote against Uganda on Day One and how did the Australians vote on the litigation moratorium question on day five? All members of the Australian church have a right to know."

George Conger published THIS REPORT in the Church of England Newspaper. It fills out some of the points he made in the TV interview we posted a few days ago.

Seasoned commentator, David Virtue's report is HERE. It contains this paragraph:

Abraham Okouru clergy representative from Nigeria to the ACC, described what happened as "most unfortunate". The ACC "came with its mind made up, and talk of a healing process will not work. The covenant is going to bring healing to the existent wound. They (TEC) don't want that. They want to create more problems. I think it is Satanic. Before the healing can come it requires the intervention of God. Nothing will stop the Church of Nigeria doing the purposes of God."

And, if you're scratching your head about all the fuss, go HERE to Odessa Elliot's short but punchy sketch of how the ACC got the power it now has. It will surprise you.


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