Monday, April 13, 2009

Time to say . . .


A recent photograph of the altar in the Patmos House Chapel

To my family, parishioners, colleagues and friends,
wishing you a very happy Easter.
Yours in the love of Jesus,
our Lord and risen Saviour.
Easter glory fills the sky, Alleluia!
Christ now lives, no more to die, Alleluia!
Darkness has been put to flight, Alleluia!
By the living Lord of light, Alleluia!

See, the stone is rolled away, Alleluia!
From the tomb where once he lay, Alleluia!
He has risen as he said, Alleluia!
Glorious Firstborn from the dead, Alleluia!

Mary, Mother, greet your Son, Alleluia!
Radiant from his triumph won; Alleluia!
By his cross you shared his pain, Alleluia!
So for ever share his reign, Alleluia!

Magd'len, wipe away your tears, Alleluia!
He has come who calms your fears. Alleluia!
Hear the Master speak your name; Alleluia!
Turn to him with heart aflame! Alleluia!

Shepherd, seek the sheep that strayed, Alleluia!
Come to contrite Peter’s aid, Alleluia!
Strengthen him to be the rock, Alleluia!
Make him shepherd of your flock, Alleluia!

Seek not life within the tomb, Alleluia!
Christ stands in the upper room, Alleluia!
Risen glory he conceals, Alleluia!
Risen body he reveals, Alleluia!

Though we see his face no more, Alleluia!

He is with us as before, Alleluia!
Glory veiled, he is our priest, Alleluia!
His true flesh and blood our feast, Alleluia!

- Fr James Quinn (1919-)


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