Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pray for the new Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia

On the evening of January 27, 2009, it was announced that Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad had been elected the 16th Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. The highly regarded Metropolitan Kirill had served as locum since the death of Patriarch Alexy II in early December. When the ballots were counted, he had collected 72% of the votes of all who had assembled. To be elected Patriarch, the candidate must receive more than half of the votes.

The new Patriarch is well-known for his deep faith in the Lord and his championing of Orthodoxy. He is also very open to dialogue with the Holy See. He is concerned with the moral decline of our time, as well as the growing rejection of Christian influence throughout Russia and Europe. Kirill has called upon Orthodox Christians to be actively involved in reclaiming the culture with the values informed by the ancient faith.

Kirill has hosted his own television program for over ten years entitled "Words of a Pastor". He is known as a wise and gifted teacher and preacher.

Pope John Paul II wrote and spoke regularly of the need for the Church to breathe once again with "both lungs", East and West. Patriarch Kirill's election gives many reason to believe that that day is on the horizon.

Go HERE to read Pope Benedict's message to the new Patriarch.

Here is a recently authorised prayer for the Russian Orthodox Church:

O Lord Jesus Christ our God,
accept from us, Thine unworthy servants,

these words of thanksgiving:

for Thou hast given unity to the Church of Russia

and transformed into joy

the greatly painful cry of Thy servants.

Hearken now to our supplication:

Bring Thine own labourers unto the harvest,

that the Church may not lack good pastors

to enlighten so great a multitude of those

who have not been taught the Faith

or have fallen away therefrom.

Instill obedience to Thee
in those who govern,

and justice and mercy in their judgments;

compassion in the rich,

and longsuffering in the weak:

that in our land
the kingdom of Christ may thus grow and increase,
and that Thou, O God,

Who art wondrous in Thy saints,

may be glorified therein.

Unto those who are led astray
by heresies and schisms,
who have fallen away from Thee or seek Thee not,

show Thyself forth as almighty,
that not one of them may perish,
but that all of us may be saved

and come to the knowledge of the Truth:

that all, in harmonious oneness of mind
and constant love,
may glorify Thy most honored name,

O kind and patienthearted Lord,

unto the ages of ages.


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