Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm no Scrooge . . . BUT . . .

I wrote this reflection four years ago. Go HERE for the entire article.

I have often heaped scorn on the kill-joys who want to stamp out Santa Claus and other features of Christmas that bring back some of the happiest memories of family and childhood.

But I must confess that in recent years I have become more sympathetic towards them. And I have become deeply disturbed by the lack of proportion in the message Christmas celebrations now convey to our children and grandchildren.

In The Age newspaper a few days ago, Muriel Porter wrote about friends of hers who took their young son to see the Myer Christmas windows. He was engrossed by them, carefully following the story of The Polar Express - a story he knows well - from scene to scene. Then he came to the window depicting Mary, Joseph and the infant Jesus. The nativity tableau was quite new to him. "So what's the story here then?" he asked his parents. (Click HERE to read on.)


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