Wednesday, November 16, 2022

A new and convenient way of supporting All Saints' Benhilton - our QR code

Even before we had the card reader device inside the entrance to All Saints', visitors would ask if they could give by card (as people no longer carry large amounts of cash).

Now we have gone  to the next level. We have our own QR code!

All you do is point your mobile phone’s camera at the code and, when ‘’ comes onto your screen, select it. You will be taken immediately to our donation page, which includes a choice of our ‘GENERAL’ and ‘RESTORATION’ funds, also charitable giving. Then just follow the instructions. (Hint . . . we are needing to raise a lot of money for the restoration of Grade II listed All Saints, a crucial part of the heritage of our local community.)

All Saints' is the only Forward in Faith/ Society of Ss Wilfrid & Hilda parish in our Deanery, and depends solely on the generous financial support of parishioners and friends.

Here is our QR code:


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