Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Praying for the Dead - Bishop Jonathan Baker explains . . .

The Covid-19 pandemic has, tragically and often cruelly, thrown the issue of grieving for the dead into sharp focus for too many in our society. While in no way detracting from that grief, the Christian faith has always offered a message of hope; a hope which finds its source in Our Lord’s Resurrection. Our belief as Christians is that death is not the end and that, by praying for the dead, we not only aid the souls of the deceased in their journey to the next world, but we also gain spiritual benefits for ourselves. For we too shall make that journey one day.

In this short film on praying for the dead, The Rt Rev'd Jonathan Baker, Bishop of Fulham, gives a powerful reflection on this challenging topic, accompanied by music and a scriptural reading on the same theme. The Bishop rightly reminds us that Christians have always prayed for the dead and that it is at the heart of our Christian faith that we should continue to do so. It was wonderful to witness the country coming together to clap its carers last year. We now urge people to unite spiritually in praying for the dead at this time of crisis.

For more information, and for more resources on praying for the dead, then please visit www.guildofallsouls.org.uk

The film is a joint initiative between The Society and The Church Union and was made in accordance with the Government guidelines in place during the pandemic.


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