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25 years ago today - My Induction at All Saints', Wickham Terrace, Brisbane

All Saints' Wickham Terrace, from Ann Street

The older we are, the more anniversaries we must acknowledge. I felt it would not be right to let this 31st May go by without mention, because it was on this day in 1995 (25 years ago) that I became Rector of the historic city church of All Saints’ Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, a parish family I had the privilege to serve for ten years. Of course, we faced all sorts of difficulties, and for those at the heart of parish life it was hard work! The parish and I remain grateful to the then Archbishop Peter Hollingworth for reaching an agreement with us about episcopal ministry within the parish that enabled me in good conscience to accept the appointment. During our ten years together so many people of different faith backgrounds and none found their way to us and were touched by what Pope S. John Paul II called 'the New Evangelization.' They are now scattered across the Christian traditions, and around the world! Many read this blog. I pray for you all, all the time. Please pray for me! 

The following is from the All Saints’ Gazette of July 1995:

All Saints’ was packed for the Induction of Father David Chislett SSC by the Archbishop of Brisbane, the Most Rev’d Peter Hollingworth, on the evening of Wednesday 31st May, the Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The large number of clergy present included visitors from Sydney, Mittagong, Melbourne and Ballarat.

The Institution and Induction, in which the Archbishop gave Father David his Licence, took place at the very beginning of the service. Then Father David and the people of All Saints’ committed themselves to supporting each other, and the Archbishop led Father David to the High Altar, saying, 'My brother, I set you in your place among the people of this Parish.' 

Father David’s first act as Rector of All Saints’ was to sing Evensong. Ancient plainsong chants were used for the Psalms and Canticles, with glorious faux-bourdons. The First Lesson was read by John Cranley, Chairman of the Trustees of All Saints’. The Second Lesson was read by Archdeacon David Farrer, Vicar of S. Peter’s Eastern Hill, Melbourne [later to become Bishop of Wangaratta]. The Anthem was Ave Maria (Arcadelt), and the notices were given by Churchwarden Ms Lorraine Hines.

All Saints’ has had a historic kinship with Christ Church S. Laurence in Sydney and S. Peter’s Eastern Hill in Melbourne, so it was fitting for the Parish Priests of both churches to participate in the service. Father Austin Day, Rector of Christ Church, and one of Father David’s mentors, was the preacher. His sermon included the following:

'... I feel sure that the priorities of All Saints’ will be GOD and his worship in the beauty of holiness, and PEOPLE and their care and support; a parish church where all is reverent and full of love and where no-one is pushed behind a pillar because they are ragged or poor or disturbed, a house of prayer ever open, where the dear Lord’s Supper is always on the altar to be adored as at Benediction here tonight, and waiting to be given to his people, that they may be joined intimately together as brothers and sisters in the one family of the Body of Christ.

'You remember what Jesus himself said at the Last Supper: "How I have longed to eat this Passover with you before my death, for I tell you, never again shall I eat it until the time when it finds its fulfilment in the Kingdom of God."'(Luke 22:16).

'But of course Jesus has brought in that Kingdom of God, proclaimed it, and actualised and established it, by his precious death and burial, by his mighty resurrection and glorious ascension, and by the sending forth of his Holy Spirit upon the Church at Pentecost.

'So he now eats that Passover new with us in the Lord’s Supper, in the Holy Mass every Sunday in all our parish churches (and every weekday, too, at All Saints’) when we follow the command of Jesus to "do this in remembrance of me" (Luke 22:19).

'... Now I know that you at All Saints’ surround the public presentation of the Eucharist with the pomp and circumstance of great beauty and dignity, with wonderful music and incense. Long may all that continue in our great Anglican tradition. But as I well know after thirty years as a priest in the city opposite Central Railway in Sydney, there are dozens and dozens of people who pass into the warm inside of our city churches, with all their difficulties, trials and sorrows. As the Psalmist says, they are going up to the temple of the Lord, up to All Saints’ on this hill where there is love and the light of Christ. Are you one of those tired bits of humanity who slide slowly in here for private prayer? If not, you are failing to catch a glimpse of some of the glory of Anglican tradition wherein we just quietly spend time with Christ alone.

'... So now, what lies ahead for you as priest and people of All Saints in this inner city area as you seek to serve the people of Brisbane? ... perhaps a fruitful growth of personal lay ministry in this part of Brisbane where inner city high-rise apartment-living is on the increase ... ‘APART-ment’, box-type, insulated, half a million dollars living can often mean great loneliness and separation from others.

'... Are we there for others, giving a sense of comfort and support, the wonder of love and the reassurance of touch, perhaps even whispering a prayer, saying a Psalm, humming a hymn tune, murmuring that we love them ...
'So, may Blessed Mary and All Saints pray for you, and the Holy Angels protect you and lead you forth to fresh insights and new adventure in the worship of GOD, in private prayer, in the spiritual life and in the service of love and care for men and women wherever their needs may be.'

Following the sermon there was a procession to honour Our Lady, during which Father David sprinkled the congregation with water taken from the Holy Well at Walsingham, ‘England’s Nazareth’.

The liturgy concluded with Benediction. After making the sign of the cross over the people with the Blessed Sacrament in the customary way, Father David and the servers processed out of the church, and Benediction was given over the City of Brisbane. (At that moment the heavens opened and much needed rain fell, leading a parishioner to suggest afterwards that Father David and the Monstrance do a tour of the drought stricken west!)

Supper followed in the All Saints’ Centre, and the speeches were chaired by Archdeacon Booth. Father Trevor Bulled of Holy Trinity, Fortitude Valley welcomed Father David on behalf of the clergy of the Inner City Deanery, and Miss Bartz Schultz did so on behalf of parishioners.

In response, Father David thanked everyone for their support. He was especially grateful to the Archbishop for demonstrating that there was still a place for Anglicans of our conviction in the Diocese of Brisbane. He went on to commit himself to praying, living and proclaiming the full Catholic Faith with the people of All Saints, for the glory of God and for the sake of the bruised and battered world around us.

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The Institution and Induction (1)

The Institution and Induction (2)

All Saints' (from Wickham Terrace)

Benediction over the City of Brisbane

With Archdeacon David Farrer (L) and Father Austin Day (R)

My first Sunday was Pentecost. 
Here are the clergy and servers at the end of High Mass

The Sanctuary, seen through the Lady Chapel.

Brisbane - a beautiful city!



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