Sunday, January 12, 2020

C.S. Lewis: MERE CHRISTIANITY - the Doodle Video presentation of his talks

C.S. Lewis (1893-1963) novelist, academic, literary critic, medievalist, essayist, and lay theologian had been baptised at birth, but he lost his faith completely during adolescence and was a committed atheist by the time he went to Oxford. He would constantly  debate the existence of God with J.R.R. Tolkien and other Christian friends. While his conversion took place over a period of time, his actual surrender to God took place when he was 32. Go HERE to read a short article on his life.

One of his most influential books was “Mere Christianity”, the text of a series of BBC talks Lewis gave. Here is a clever Doodle video presentation of a substantial portion of it. Click on the links to watch each video. 

BBC Talk 1 (Book 1 Chapter 1)
‘Right and Wrong’ – A Clue to the Meaning of the Universe

BBC Talk 5 (Book 1 Chapter 2)
Some Objections

BBC Talk 2 (Book 1 Chapter 3)
The Reality of the Moral Law

BBC Talk 3 (Book 1 Chapter 4)
What Lies Behind the Moral Law?

BBC Talk 4 (Book 1 Chapter 5)
We Have Cause to be Uneasy

BBC Talk 6 (Book 2, Chapter 1)
The Rival Conceptions of God

BBC Talk 7 (Book 2, Chapter 2)
The Invasion

BBC Talk 8 (Book 2, Chapter 3)
The Shocking Alternative

BBC Talk 11 (Book 3, Chapter 1)
The Three Parts of Morality

BBC Talk 11a, (Book 3, Chapter 2)
The ‘Cardinal Virtues’

BBC Talk 14 (Book 3, Chapter 5)
Sexual Morality

BBC Talk 14a (Mere Christianity, Book 3, Chapter 6)
Christian Marriage

BBC Talk 21, Mere Christianity, Book 4, Chapter 1
Making and Begetting


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