Saturday, January 5, 2019

Film on the life and work of Fr Alexander Men (1935-1990)

I have previously shared with readers the story of Father Alexander Men (1935-1990), an influential parish priest in Russia who wrote, lectured widely, eventually appeared on radio and television and became a nationally known figure. He started the first Russian Sunday-school as soon as the communist persecution ceased, established a university, made a film, and started volunteer work at a children's hospital. He personally baptised thousands, and though he had a huge following of ordinary people he was called “the apostle to the intellectuals.”

He was assassinated in 1990.

I share with you here a short film on his remarkable life and ministry, which contains many pointers for us as we seek to worship the Lord, proclaiming and living the Gospel in the post-Christian West today.

You can go to a website dedicated to Father Alexander Men HERE. Of particular note is the article by Irina Yaziova We are Moving into an Age of Love summarising his life and work.


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