Monday, August 6, 2018

The Transfiguration - some great readings

What a wonderful start to the day as a handful of us gathered at the altar in the Lady Chapel for the Mass of the Transfiguration! Here are inks to previous previous blog posts on this amazing revelation of the Lord's glory, followed by a meditation of Brother Roger of Taizé:

Thoughts on HIS Transfiguration and OURS
Brother Roger of Taizé  (1915-2005)

As we celebrate the Transfiguration of Christ 
we sing at the same time 
the unimaginable prospect of our own transfiguration.  
Christ enters us, and changes us into his likeness.  

He transfigures everything in us, the good as well as the bad. 

For those who are marked by suffering 
and by the cross of Christ, 
the day will come 
when they will be able to burn with the flame 
that is fed with all their past life. 
They will know that in God nothing is lost.

Christ does not come to destroy flesh and blood. 
He does not break what is in us. 
He has not come to abolish but fulfil. 
When darkness gathers his loveis fire. 

In every man and in every woman 
there is a wound, 
inflicted by failures, 
humiliations, bad conscience. 
Perhaps it was caused at a time 
when we needed understanding 
and nobody was there to give it. 

If we moan about this wound, 
it becomes a torment an aggressive force 
turned against ourselves 
and against others 
- often against those who are closest to us.

Transfigured by Christ,
 it is changed into a focus of energy 
into a source of creativity 
where communion, friendship and understanding 
and compassion burst forth.



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