Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A special welcome

I apologise to readers of this blog for having gone a bit quiet over the last few weeks. Starting in a new parish just before Holy Week presents its own challenges, and settling in is still a "work in progress"!

One of the special things that happened at supper after the Induction Mass was a presentation from some of All Saints' young people of a framed poem of welcome, incorporating a painting of the beautiful Holy Family stained glass window over the altar in the Lady Chapel (where the daily Mass is offered). The verse was written by Ngozi Okpala; the painting done by Alexandra McGoran; and the design by Rebecca McGoran.

I was deeply moved by the words of the poem as well as the painting (which hangs in the Vicarage dining room). I pray to the Lord for the grace to live up to the expectations expressed in this gift. 

God bless!

(Click on the painting to enlarge it)


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