Sunday, March 5, 2017

The years of our pilgrimage through life

The following is from the little book  - and it is a very little book! -  Rule For a New Brother, written by by Dutch Blessed Sacrament Father, H. Van Der Looy. Rule For a New Brother was given to me in 1974, and it has been a mainstay of my life ever since. Subsequent editions have a foreword by Henri Nouwen. It’s well worth purchasing HERE. 

Your way through life will not remain the same.
There are years of happiness and years of suffering.
There are years of abundance, and years of poverty
years of hope, and of disappointment,
of building up, and of breaking down.
But God has a firm hold on you through everything.  

There are years of strength and years of weakness;
years of uncertainty, years of doubt.

It is all part of life, and it is worth the effort 
to live it to the end
and not give up before it is accomplished.

You need never stop growing.
A new future is always possible.
Even on the other side of death
a new existence waits for you
in the fullness of that glory 
which God has prepared for you
from the beginning.


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