Saturday, December 10, 2016

Buy your 2017 Church Union Ordo - the best one there is!

A number of us had feared that when Father John Hunwicke joined the Ordinariate, he would no longer edit the Church Union Ordo for members of the Church of England. In fact, he has continued to do so, and the 2017 edition has been available for some time. I have used this version of the Ordo for many years, and it is - in my opinion - without doubt the very best one for Anglican Catholics. (Apart from the calendar, readings, and guidance as to how best we should worship with the whole Church, Father Hunwicke’s sparkling wit always undergirds his advice on resolving particular liturgical problems, especially when helping us to work out what is not illegal for members of the Church of England!)

If you haven't got 2017 ORDO yet, it is available for £12 from the online shop of THE ADDITIONAL CURATES’ SOCIETY.


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