Friday, July 15, 2016

A great place in London for computer repairs and upgrades

With the exception of a few bookshops and vestment suppliers, I have not used this blog for advertising. But today I have decided to be a bit blatant and let readers in and around London know about a great place to go if they need computer repairs or upgrades.

I have used my 17” MacBook Pro every day since May 2010 when I purchased it (together with some top-end publishing software) using the very generous farewell gift from parishioners in Brisbane. It has accompanied me on my travels within Australia and through a range of countries, surviving its fair share of buffeting in some of the rougher places I visited before receiving my Visa to live and minister in the UK. Indeed, it has been a huge support to my life and ministry.  

For a while I have known that it needed a clean and a check-up. On top of that, since Christmas I’ve had to remove some large files onto an external storage drive, because the internal hard drive was filling up. [Yes . . . I am looking at cloud storage back-up as well!] So I went to the local Apple Store to check out the possibility of paying off a new laptop with greater storage space. But Apple no longer make a 17” version, and that is the perfect width screen for my eyesight when two documents are open side by side - a fairly common occurrence. The young man in the Apple Store assured me that it was possible to replace my 500 gigabyte hard drive with one double the capacity, for a small fraction of the price of a new computer.

He gave me the address of Apple authorised service provider ANALOGIC COMPUTERS, not far from St Luke’s Kingston, and just near the railway station. I called in there to see the proprietor, Raj, and he confirmed what I had been told.

I was very impressed with the old fashioned friendliness of Raj and his staff, as well as his patience and skill in explaining to me exactly what was required and why. So, early yesterday I took my computer to ANALOGIC COMPUTERS. I collected it just before they closed in the afternoon. Not only had they successfully installed a 1TB hard drive in place of the 500GB one, and migrated everything from the old drive onto the new one; they also thoroughly cleaned the computer inside and out, checking to see that everything else was working well. 

The cost was very reasonable. 

So, friends, it gives me much pleasure to recommend Raj and his team to you. They are incredibly helpful; and they really care for their clients. ANALOGIC COMPUTERS are just 5 minutes walk from Kingston Railway Station (i.e. 28 minutes from Waterloo by train!). Also there is plenty of car parking on site, just near the front door. You can visit their website HERE.

(Oh . . . I forgot to say, they also repair and service most other makes and models of laptop and desktop computers.)


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