Tuesday, June 28, 2016

VESTMENTS etc - Check out this website

A couple of years ago I posted on this blog a comprehensive list of links to suppliers of vestments, clergy attire and liturgical arts. Quite a few emails of appreciation came in from around the world.

Today I want to draw your attention to SANCTUS VESTMENTS, a small family business here in the UK that makes available to cash-strapped clergy and parishes (and also to those who are not cash-strapped!) really good vestments, Gothic as well as Latin, clerical clothing and other related items, far more economically than many other outlets. SANCTUS VESTMENTS deserves our full support.

A note to my American and Australian friends . . . they ship overseas!

Check out their WEBSITEhttp://www.sanctusvestments.com


“Our family-run firm prides itself on offering quality clerical products at a fraction of the price of many of our competitors. We are able to do this from years of experience in the Church, partnerships with clerical artisans and wholesalers across the globe, and the fact that we operate almost entirely online; passing all these savings to our clients.

“Whether it’s a new alb or cotta; a bespoke latin or spanish biretta; a soutane or cassock; a saturno; a chasuble, dalmatic or stole; or simply a linen collar, Sanctus Vestments will be delighted to provide for you.

“We offer an extensive range from ‘off the peg’ to bespoke items, many of which are exclusive to us. New products are constantly being added.

“We look forward to serving you.”


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