Thursday, August 1, 2013

The cosmological argument in just under five minutes

Well-known Christian apologist, William Lane Craig, debates non-believers on questions about God’s existence, Jesus’ Resurrection, and objective morality.( You can watch him in action on his Reasonable Faith website.)

During these debates, Craig has a very short time to make a clear and compelling case for God. One of his favorite arguments, on which he wrote his doctoral dissertation, is the kalam cosmological argument. Christians have many arguments for God, but the kalam has become increasingly popular because it is straightforward, easy-to-remember, and modern physics affirms one of its crucial premises (note: the argument doesn’t depend on science, but the latest science strongly affirms it.) 

Yesterday, William Lane Craig released the following under-five-minute video covering the basic kalam cosmological argument. Clearly it is for the “non-specialist”, and sets out very simply to show the logic of God’s existence. 


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