Thursday, May 16, 2013

My most important blog post ever . . .


For decades I have been a fan of Christoph Schönborn, the Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna, who in so many ways embodies the approach to the Faith that reflects my understanding of how all the bits fit together. General Editor of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, he has also been an active participant in the renewal movements. Robustly orthodox, and at the same time open both to modern scholarship and the necessity for reshaping the Church's mission in order to reach the modern world, he has been referred to as "Pope Benedict's spiritual son." He's in London at the moment as one of the speakers at the Holy Trinity Brompton ("HTB") and Alpha Course leadership conference which has drawn over five thousand people from all over the world and all Christian traditions. Watch this video of Cardinal Schönborn being interviewed by Nicky Gumbel, Vicar of HTB. For reasons that will become clear to you over the 34 minutes of the interview, I believe this is the most important post ever to have appeared on my blog.

Cardinal Schönborn, from the very heart of the Catholic Church, talks about conversion (including his own), the centrality of a saving and personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, the importance of Christian unity (and its real nature), and evangelisation. Incidentally, in the interview he reflects on how as a young man he had to rise above the extreme liberal approach to Biblical studies that has been a particular blight on the Church in our time.

(There is a small problem with the video about two thirds of the way through. In order to watch the rest you may have to push the cursor along a little and then click on "play' again.) 


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