Friday, January 25, 2013

Revamped online presence of the English flying bishops

In the centre, today's newly consecrated Bishop of Beverley (the Rt Rev'd Glyn Webster), flanked by (L) the Bishop of Ebbsfleet (the Rt Rev'd Jonathan Baker) and (R) the Bishop of Richborough (the Rt Rev'd Norman Banks). 

So much misrepresentation is made regarding the “A,B & C” parishes (and others) who look for ministry to the Provincial Episcopal Visitors (“PEV’s” or “flying bshops”). This provision came about nearly twenty years ago in the Church of England as a legal right for those women and men of the Church who in the absence of proper Catholic consent are unable to affirm the ordination or women to the priesthood and episcopate. Clearly in the mind of the liberal establishment it was meant to be a kind of palliative care for our constituency until we die out . . . which they thought would happen fairly quickly. To the astonishment of many, the suffragan “sees” of Ebbsfleet, Richborough and Beverley, together with the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Fullham in London, Southwark and Rochester dioceses, have grown and flourished, and are producing a new generation of young ordinands. 

This, of course, makes some of the more extreme liberals white hot with rage, which is why they insisted that the legislation for women bishops include the abolition of the “A, B & C” resolutions by which parishes come under the ministry of the PEV’s.  

Thank the Lord for the growing number of truly liberal Church of England people who themselves approve of the ordination of women but who in the name of fairness are now demanding proper provision for those unable to accept the innovations of the day. When you think about it, liberal parts of the Anglican world are morally obliged to make such provision by the “theology of reception” that has been officially embraced by the Communion. 

There are many currents of renewal (catholic and evangelical alike) within the Anglican world. In the Church of England, the ecclesial reality constituted by our people is one of these.

Just today in York Minster, the new Bishop of Beverley was consecrated. The Minster was packed, and there was great rejoicing among the people.

I notice that the websites of the three suffragan sees have had a makeover (and when Bishop Jonathan Baker moves to Fullham in a couple of months time, I'm sure there will be a revived Fullham website).

It’s worth having a look at the sites, and especially the sermon preached by Bishop David Hope at today’s consecration.


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