Friday, March 16, 2012

High School kids, God and Genesis

In terms of tertiary studies, I learned Old Testament from "extreme liberals" as well as "moderate conservatives." Then for years I felt satisfied that, although by no means a specialist, I had worked out a sensible approach to the Old Testament that was authentically Christian while avoiding the pitfalls of fundamentalism, marcionism and liberalism . . . especially with regard to the Book of Genesis. 

That was until I found Alice Linsley's work. 

One of my favourite blogs is JUST GENESIS which combines her biblical, historical, theological, cultural, historical, anthropological and archeological research, and takes the reader into fascinating areas which really do make sense (and have caused me to change quite a number of my previously held views!). 

Recently Professor Linsley has been writing about the "first people at genetic centre", showing how the truth of Scripture is currently being confirmed by modern genetic and linguistic studies. 
HERE Professor Linsley explains the reasons for renouncing her ordination as a priest in the Episcopal Church, and traces her journey from that church to Eastern Orthodoxy. 

She collected a range of Australian fans as a result of having been one of the keynote speakers at the 2009 National Conference of Forward in Faith Australia Inc. 

Alice C. Linsley is Adjunct Professor of Ethics, Philosophy, and World Religions at Midway College, Midway Kentucky. She has degrees from the University of Bridgeport, CT, The Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, and has done post-graduate work at the University of the South, TN, in Bible and Liturgics, and the University of Kentucky in Curriculum Design. She has had wide experience of teaching creative writing in both English and Spanish languages. Following ordination in 1988 in the Episcopal Church, she served parishes in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky from 1988 to 1996. 

Why not go to JUST GENESIS and have a browse! Check out the topic list. You will be amazed. In fact, as a sampler, read her last two posts which are a summary of her responses to questions asked by high school kids: 


Alice C. Linsley said...

Dear Bishop,

You are so kind to recommend my blog. Thank you.

Just Genesis celebrates its 60-month anniversary next week and has just gone over 30 million page views.

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