Saturday, November 12, 2011

An interesting and worthwhile website

Two days ago a friend pointed me to a website from New Zealand because "some of the apologetic arguments are like yours"! Well, I've had a look through it, and am most impressed.

The site is MANDM, by Matthew and Madeleine Flannagan, both academics, and both adult converts to the Faith. They describe themselves as "Evangelicals with Reformed leanings." Many of their articles manage to break down quite difficult concepts in order to equip non-specialist ordinary people to think philosophically about God and Christianity, and so be better able to join in conversation with unconvinced friends.

Here is the concluding paragraph of an article, CONTRA MUNDUM: GOD, PROOF AND FAITH . . .

". . . some sceptics are inconsistent in their scepticism, they reject belief in God on the basis of certain claims or assumptions which, if true, are subject to the very objections and doubts they level against religion yet they do not question or doubt these assumptions. The second is that in any rational discussion one cannot avoid starting from presuppositions which are, in some sense, controversial; one starts with what one knows by faith and reasons from it to gain a comprehensive, coherent and accurate understanding of reality, to find answers to the fundamental and philosophical existential questions that we face. Sometimes our subsequent inquiry leads us to modify, abandon or revise the presuppositions we began with, other times our inquiry confirms it but the idea that every controversial, substantive claim one accepts needs to be proven in order to be rational is incoherent."


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