Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Video Message from Fr Jonathan Baker

At Southwark Cathedral on Thursday of this coming week, Fr Jonathan Baker will be consecrated to become Bishop of Ebbsfleet and Fr Norman Banks to become Bishop of Richborough. Orthodox Anglicans around the world are heartened by the decision taken by the Archbishop of Canterbury to replace the two Provincial Episcopal Visitors who became Roman Catholics six months ago when the Ordinariate was set up in England.

This is an encouraging sign that those who do not believe in the rightness of the ordination of women are still regarded as loyal Anglicans. It is also an example to other provinces of the Anglican Communion of the bare minimum required in order to provide satisfactory ongoing pastoral and sacramental care for all those women and men who in conscience are unable to affirm the ordination of women during what is still officially regarded as the "process of reception".

We pray for God's blessing on Fr Jonathan and Fr Norman.

Here is a short message from Fr Jonathan Baker:


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