Friday, February 25, 2011

Eucharistic Devotions

A friend suggested that links to these prayers be put on the blog for the sake of those who may not have noticed them "buried" in the Forward Ministry website. They are part of my collection, TRADITIONAL PRAYERS FOR ANGLICAN CATHOLICS, all of which is HERE. It has been printed in book form and will soon be available for purchase.

Before Mass (William Vickers)

Before Mass ("Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Angels")

Before Mass ("Lord, come to me that thou mayest cleanse me")

Before Mass (". . . incline thy merciful ears to our prayers")

Before Mass ("Cleanse our consciences, we beseech thee O Lord")

Before Mass ("As watchmen look for the morning")

Before Mass (Desiderius Erasmus)

Before Mass (From the Non-Jurors' Liturgy of 1718)

Before Mass ("Like as the hart . . .")

Before Mass (From the Diocese of Bathurst "Red Book")

Before Mass (May this offering avail . . .)
Before Mass (St Thomas Aquinas)

Before Mass (Bishop Lancelot Andrewes)

Before Mass (Bishop Thomas Ken)

Before Mass (Bishop John Cosin)

Before Mass (Thomas Comber)

Oblation (From the liturgy of the Catholic Apostolic Church)
Uniting Heaven and Earth (Bishop Jeremy Taylor)

Encountering Jesus (Eric Milner-White)

The Holy Sacrifice (William Jervois)

The Holy Sacrifice (Charles Wesley)
Ave verum corpus (Attributed to Pope Innocent VI)

To Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament (Favourite medieval prayer of Father John Hope)

Acclamation ("O Sacrament most holy . . .")

The Holy Sacrifice (William Bright)

To Jesus, the Risen Lord (i) (Brian Moore, adapted)

To Jesus, the Risen Lord (ii) (Brian Moore, adapted)

Drawing Near (From the liturgy of the Catholic Apostolic Church)
To Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament


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