Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Soaring into God

O God, my God, give me a heart to thank thee; lift up my heart above myself, to thee and thine eternal throne; let it not linger here among the toils and turmoils of this lower world; let it not be oppressed by any earth-born clouds of care or anxiety or fear or suspicion; but bind it wholly to thee and to thy love; give me eyes to see thy love in all things, and thy grace in all around me; make me to thank thee for thy love and thy grace to all and in all; give me wings of love, that I may soar up to thee, and cling to thee, and adore thee, and praise thee more and more, until I be fitted to enter into the joys of thine everlasting love, everlastingly to love thee and thy grace, whereby thou didst make me such as thou couldest love, such as could love thee, O God, my God. Amen.
Edward Bouverie Pusey (1800-1882)


Sandra McColl said...

Thank you. I needed that. Nobody quite like Pusey to put us back on the track God would have us on.

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