Sunday, October 12, 2008

Singing from the same hymn book!

I copped a bit of flack for my article "Codes of practice" and "Protocols" - You've got to be joking! It was even said that I was being discourteous to all those liberal bishops who are "trying their hardest" to support clergy and people still within the Anglican Church of Australia who cannot in conscience believe that women can be priests and bishops.

So it is good to see that the keynote speakers at this weekend's Forward in Faith National Assembly in London made it quite clear that nothing less than a "structural solution" that gives our constituency its own bishops with REAL EPISCOPAL JURISDICTION will do, also that whatever ecclesial arrangements emerge, the pilgrimage of Anglican Catholics must be towards Catholic unity. Have a listen . . .

Click HERE for Fr David Houlding's speech. Fr Houlding is Chairman of the Catholic Group in the English General Synod, and also the Master General of the Society of the Holy Cross ("SSC").

Click HERE for Bishop John Broadhurst's speech. Bishop Broadhurst - a real friend to us in Australia - is Bishop of Fulham in London Diocese as well as Chairman of Forward in Faith.

Click HERE for Fr Geoffrey Kirk's speech. Fr Kirk is the Secretary of Forward in Faith (UK) and Vicar of St Stephen's Lewisham. (Click HERE for Fr Kirk's introduction to the 2nd Plenary Session, and HERE for his speech on GAFCON)

Click HERE for Fr Jonathan Baker's speech. Fr Baker is Principal of Pusey House, Oxford. He gave a second presentation - his real blockbuster! - the FINAL CHARGE at the end of the Assembly. If you're really pushed for time and can only listen to one of these, THIS is the one!

Click HERE for Bishop Martyn Jarrett's homily at the Assembly Eucharist, HERE for Fr Bill Scott's devotional address, HERE for Fr Sam Philpott's speech, and HERE for Fr Alan Rabjohns on the situation in Wales.

Click HERE to listen to Fr Paul Benfield, and HERE to listen to Fr James Patrick, Members of the FiF Legal Working Party.

Click HERE for Fr Ronald Crane, HERE for three FiF seminarians, HERE for Fr Brownsell & others, and HERE for Fr Darren Smith, all on WHY SHOULD WE BOTHER?

Click HERE to listen to Fr Gareth Jones, Peter Hart, Fr Ed Tomlinson, Christopher Smith, Fr Victor Bullock, Emma Forward, Fr Jeff Woolnough and Claire Epsom on WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE.

For photographs of many of the above, as well as the text of particular resolutions, go to the Forward in Faith website HERE.


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