Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Here are two articles from the current edition of THE PATMOS REVIEW. (By the way, if you would like to receive the pdf electronic copy of The Patmos Review, send an email HERE, and we'll put you on the subscription list.)

"WHAT MAKES YOU LOT TICK?" A couple of months ago someone who doesn't go to church asked me that question at the East Brisbane shops. There wasn't a lot of time to think, so I said to her, "It's simple, really. Patmos people are overwhelmed by the forgiving love of Jesus, and that makes life seem always brand new."

In the short conversation that followed, I tried to explain that practising Christians sometimes feel miserable, sometimes make big mistakes, sometimes fail . . . read more

NUTS AND BOLTS Every now and then people ask questions about some of the customs and traditions that are part and parcel of our Mass. So, here are short explanations of the main ones, together with a few words about receiving Holy Communion from the chalice.

These things are under the heading "Nuts and Bolts" just to emphasise that we don't consciously think about them all the time, although they are there, and they do matter (just like the nuts and bolts holding your car together!) Mostly when we come to Mass we think about: (1) what Jesus is doing as he speaks to us in his Word and then makes us part of his prayer to the Father; and (2) our support of one another in the Community as we deal with the joys and sorrows of life . . . read more


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